Sunday, May 15, 2016

JADA METALS - Batman V Superman, Batmobile Model Kit Diecast

I must admit that I have not watched Batman Vs Superman and based on the reviews I am not in a hurry to do so. However I am a big fan of movie batmobiles and I always try to get my hands on it when a new Batman comes about.

I was not really impressed with the batmobile when the main toy line came out and I am not going to spend an insane amount of cash if Hot Toys decides to do it.
Thankful JADA Metals did a 1:24 die cast scale version of it and I managed to get my hands on it.
It is actually a model kit hence there is some assembling required but no glue or painting is required,
just a screwdriver, screws and some wrist muscle.

The packaging is pretty nice.
You can see most of the parts of the batmobile from the window.
It has a metallic feel to the design hence enhancing it as a die cast vehicle.

The parts of the batmobile which you will need to assemble.
It even comes with a screwdriver.
Not too difficult to assemble. Just some good old fashioned wrist action!

For this scale, I think it looks pretty good.
It was not that expensive hence thumb ups from me.
If I am not wrong there are 2 color versions for this. One is this which is more on the dark grey side and the other total black. I am not sure which is more movie accurate but based on what I can find on the internet, I am going for my version...maybe to feel better?

The details are also good.
Inside the vehicle, there was attempt on detailing and I applaud them for it.

Overall, a nice piece on the display and goes well with the other batmobile that I have.
Maybe JADA could look at doing the other batmobile in this scale!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

XXRAY Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman

Based in Singapore, XXRAY shows you what your favourite character looks like on the inside. The XXRAY team is spearheaded by popular artist Jason Freeny (well known for his dissection style) and the Mighty Jaxx team.
I am a big fan of Jason Freeny's work and I am delighted that now I have another outlet to get his work!
The first set of figures from XXRAY is the dissection of Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman.

There is also the exclusive monochrome set which I only got Batman


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