Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mattel 12" Ghostbusters

Pictures from the Toy Fair 2010 show that we are going to get from Mattel the full team from the Ghostbusters in full 12" glory!
Even though the head sculpt is not of Hot Toys or Sideshow standard but the amazingly detailed light-up Ghostbusters proton pack is enough for me!
With Stantz & Egon safely in my hands, just need to wait for Winston and Venkman to join the gang!




Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

Demn, such a great collection.
hopefully these gang reach malaysia as well

saruman said...

where did you get them?

desmond said...

The cartoon head sculpts are great. Look better than the 1st released :)

Little Plastic Man said...

Asrul & Saruman - They will most probably be on sale at Egon is already on sale but Stantz is sold out.
Des - Totally agreed!


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