Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hasbro AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport)

One of the most formidable military vehicles ever assembled for the Imperial's arsenal, the AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) was designed to strike fear and hopelessness into any enemy forces.

After witnessing Hasbro releasing cool updates of the Falcon and AT-ST, I just knew that the AT-AT was not far behind.
I was excited when the news broke that Hasbro was releasing the AT-AT but was slightly disappointed when the official pictures came out. At that time, I felt that the scale proportion was wrong and there were action features that were not movie accurate.

I do like the packaging design but later realised that it was a Clone Wars packaging. Weird, given that the AT-AT never appeared in the Clone Wars. Regardless I think the blue concept goes very well with the overall feel of the AT-AT as it was best remembered in the Hoth's scenes.
The painting on the front of the box depicts the AT-AT doing battle with the rebels at Hoth.
The AT-AT comes in several pieces and assembly is required. It is not too difficult but once assembled I don't think you can take it apart without damaging it.
It also comes with a speeder bike and an AT-AT driver.

Firstly, this AT-AT is a great improvement to the last version in terms of proportion and details.
However the head proportion to the body is still wrong. The head is too big for the body. Surprisingly this is actually a minor complaint because when you see this baby as a whole, it is really very nice and imposing. My guess is that if they were to follow true to scale for the 3.75" figures, the AT-AT will be even bigger (it is actually very big already).
The details on AT-AT are pretty movie accurate and done very well. There are tons of good detailing in the cockpit and in the inside of the AT-AT.

There is not much painting as the AT-AT is primary 1 color tone, grey. However there was some effort done for weathering. A cool touch was that we are given stickers representing blast marks and rusting so you can "dirty" up your AT-AT.
The control panel in the cockpit is painted and looks really good. Something Hasbro could have easily given a miss.

Primarily the AT-AT is still a play set hence the tons of action features. I must admit the action features are pretty cool and lots of fun to play with.
Starting at the head, the top of the cockpit opens up to reveal the interior of the cockpit which is very close to the movie. Inside you can sit 2 AT-AT drivers and the AT-AT commander.

Inside the cockpit

At the body, you can open up the side to reveal the crew holding area. It has 2 levels and great amount of details like the side railings and ladder.

Interior of the AT-AT

Filled up with troops

It also comes with the retractable deployment line for troops which can be folded and placed neatly in the crew holding area. I guess this is how the troops boarded and debarked the AT-AT.

At the bottom of the AT-AT, a hatch can be opened to reveal a retractable line for Luke so that you can re-enact the famous scene where Luke single handedly destroyed an AT-AT. It pulls down manually and retracts mechanically at the touch of a button inside.

In the movie, it never showed that the AT-AT houses speeder bikes. If I am not wrong, the speeder bikes only appeared in Return of the Jedi. However it does make sense for the AT-AT to carry speeder bikes for scouting duties. Books illustrating the interior of the AT-AT usually show that the speeder bikes are stored at the back of the vehicle. This is exactly where Hasbro has decided to put the speeder bike. Open the back of the AT-AT and with the press of a button, the speeder bike springs out. Pretty cool.

Another cool action feature is that it has a handle to move the head around. It works well moving it up and down but I find it hard to move it left to right. Maybe it is just me. When not in use, it can be hidden at the top of the AT-AT.

What is a play set without the electronic features. There is a blue light in the cockpit and the red light in the crew holding area. The front guns light up and there are tons of phrases and sound effect. Everything you need to re-enact any scene from the Battle of Hoth.
The batteries are placed in the belly of the AT-AT.

Where the batteries are placed

Overall, a massive and imposing vehicle to have. If you can find a nice place to display it, it will definitely be a talking piece when friends come to visit.
I have always wanted an AT-AT and I am thankful I got the best version of it.

Nice Packaging

Luckily I managed to get hold of some snow troopers

AT-AT at the factory waiting to be assembled

Ready for battle

I had to get a shelf from IKEA to accomodate it!


neoconvoy said...

Cool. ordered mine but yet to collect from TFH. There will be a vintage packaging that will be a TRU exclusive if I rem correctly.

You not getting the snowspeeder ?

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks! I did not know that there will be a vintage packaging. Nice but the AT-AT is something that has to be taken out of packaging...LOL

Saw the pics of the snowspeeder and it is really very good...tempting but I have not seen it yet...

Anonymous said...

You have good taste. I hope to get my AT-AT soon (cost SGD 268 here although its USD 100 in US?) and I'm rooting for Liverpool too. Hope we start with a win vs Arsenal tonight. You'll never walk alone.

desmond said...

Bro, you have a very detailed review on this vehicle..Enjoyed my reading here :)

Little Plastic Man said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks! Too bad we had to let in such a goal so late in the game...shame.
Thanks Des...wish I could review more toys more often...:)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Saw this selling as CSC last Sunday and wow can imagine how you carry it home. Congrats on getting the toy you always wanted like you have mentioned before. Must be lotz of fun snapping those pics and exploring the interior.

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

a nice and detail pics.
nice dude

ron said...

Couldn't resist, went out to buy my AT-AT the next day after my post. Perhaps it was also a bit of retail therapy after the frustration of seeing us let in such a soft goal at the end. Hopefully we get a good result tonight against Man City. Now I've got to get the snowtroopers, AT-At commander and Skywalker.

Little Plastic Man said...

Dennis - I just took a cab!
Asrul - Thanks bro.
Ron - Congrats on getting the AT-AT. Too bad we losy so badly to Man City...:(


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