Sunday, August 22, 2010

Star Wars The Vintage Collection

I have always been a sucker for retro packaging. It just reminds me of the good old days. When Hasbro came out with the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line, I was over the moon. Now Hasbro has done it for Star Wars with the Vintage Collection. Not only that I am over the moon, I think I might have over jumped it...

This time round the front design is almost true to the original retro design. Damn they even have Kenner on the card.

The back of the card has the picture of the original toy and a little info of when it was released.
The design of the cards are retro but the figures are all updated. The only exception is Boba Fett. Not only is the design of the packaging retro but the design of the figure as well!
I just wished that Hasbro could have done this for the whole Vintage Collection. That would have been cool.

To get Boba Fett, you will have to get 6 figures from the Vintage Collection and you get the little bounty hunter for free. It wasn't that hard to select the 6 figures as Hasbro chose interesting enough characters for this line.

Luke - Bespin Fatigues

Darth Vader

AT-AT Commander

Leia - Hoth Outfit




Cloud Car Pilot

Boba Fett


LEon said...

this series toys should be keep mint in card.

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes u are right Leon...they will be mint in card!

saruman said...

is available in malaysia?

desmond said...

Wow Adrian!! You still have a lot of S/W characters to collect from this series, right??

Little Plastic Man said...

Hi saruman - I am not sure as I am in Singapore...:)
I think I have picked up most of the figures on offer...LOL


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