Friday, June 17, 2011


I was looking around at the Takashimaya (Singapore) Toy fair hoping to catch a good bargain.
And this toy caught my eye.

It is an EggBod!

EggBods are crazy egg people that all live on Planet Egg according to their website.
There are 8 characters in this series.

You are able to swap around and mix 'n' match their heads, arms and accessories to create new characters. Swap a Fireman with a Robot to create Robo Fireman! Swap a Nurse with a Singer to create a Nurse-Singer!

What's more, you can wind them up and watch them walk around and move their arms up and down.

I got myself the Eggbot because it looks like a designer toy and would not be out of place when displayed with the rest of my designer toys.

Coming soon, there will also be Transformer (movie) Eggbots.
In the series, there will be
Eggtimus Prime, Eggatron and Bumble Egg
So Funny...

Overall, a cool and cute toy.


Eggbot's ray gun


chrismandesign said...

fortunately i already had my breakfast (& it didn’t include eggs, so...) he looks so cute & the winding mechanism =)... the toys’ fairs here r scarce & usually i run out of money before they begin, so is a bit frustrating =(

Jerbeh said...


That robot is the best one of the lot!

jboypacman said...

These are cool! I will have to see if i can find some in my area. : )

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The outlook and wind-up mechanism give very retro feel! Those soon-to-come TF Eggbods likes fabulous too! Indulge in your new love...

Little Plastic Man said...

@jboypacman, review them if you can get your hands on them.


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