Monday, June 15, 2009

Takara Tomy Trans Scanning Optimus Prime

I do feel a bit outdated blogging about this figure when the rage is now on the new Transformers ROTF toys...LOL
When I saw this figure (vehicle mode) being displayed in Metro Paragon, I was smitten by it due to the nice scale (not too big or small) and the front of the vehicle had this "chrome" look. I made a remark to my wife saying it looked so good but will resist buying it.
Guess what! My wife being the nice person she is, decided to go down a few days later and bought it for me. So sweet of her!

TakaraTomy's Trans Scanning Optimus Prime offers a different style of Transformers. We have exterior pieces that are able to snap onto an inner skeleton, which can be posed or transformed into two alternate modes. Trans Scanning Optimus Prime comes with exterior panels to mimic his truck mode and protoform mode. I think it is a pretty cool idea and I really like the truck mode!

An interesting point is that you actually do not need the inner skeleton to transform into truck mode! Hence you are able to display the truck and the protoform at the same time. Nice touch there Takara!

Overall, a fun toy to play around with.

The inner skeleton

With exterior panels to mimic protoform mode

Transform to protoform mode!

Optimus Prime as we know him!

 fave, the truck mode

Let's start the day with Optimus Prime...


The Rebel said...

Thats a mighty fine figure u got thr, dude! Never knew it looked that good when opened, heheh. Nvm the fact that the figure is outdated or whatever....a cool toy remains cool! Whatever the time period it may be from...

I've even read some blogs whr ppl still rave and review about their Series 1Marvel Legends.... :)

Juliana said...

Hmmm, OP's protoform disturbs me, I'm not used to seeing it. I' like him better when he wears his vehicle 'shell' ! :P

OP's robot and vehicle modes rock! There's a Bumblebee version too right? :D

Btw, I love those furniture that OP uses in your photos. Are they part of your collection too? What toyline are they from? :)

desmond said...

So sweet of your wife, you are the happiest man in the world!!

Little Plastic Man said...

Rebel - Yes! I still love the 80s toys like He Man, MASK, Centurions & Starcom (Just to name a few)
Juliana - Yup, I also don't like the protoform version. The truck version rocks! Yup there is a bubblebee version. You can read about it in Shaun's blog.
The furniture is from Sylvanian family (except for the cupboard which I made out of paper...)! I used to collect them with my wife for a short time but have stop already...:P
Yes Des..I am so lucky...LOL

LEon said...

I didnt know the truck mode can look so good and being stand alone. Nice review and comic strip! the accessories are neat especially the bathtub and your paper made locker. Creative!

Jcee said...

Wow never knew this figure exists! My favourite is the truck mode too, it looks much better than any other movie optimus toy in truck mode. And how come you have so many accessories? lol

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Leon
Jcee - I also did not know it looked so cool in truck mde until I saw it on display!
Hee...accessories not included...LOL

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

A cool review and comic stripe! The inner skeleton looks a little bit like T-800 don't you think.

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes Dennis now that you mentioned it


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