Monday, June 8, 2009

Hot Toys Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer Predator

Predator was a 1987 science fiction cum action movie and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. The story is simple but pack full of action. It follows an elite team on a mission to rescue hostages from a guerrilla group in Central America. Unknowingly, the group is hunted by a creature aka Predator (not of this earth).
Currently, Hot Toys is doing 3 characters from the movie. They are Dutch, Billy and Predator. I decided to drop Billy because the actor, Sonny Landham, did not give permission to use his likeness. As for Predator, I am still considering.
The main reason why I picked up Dutch is because of the stunning head sculpt! This is all thanks to the super talented Yulli (beauty and brains). It’s easily the best 1/6 Schwarzenegger sculpt I’ve seen. I especially love the little details on the face like the stubble on his chin and veins on his temples etc.
Because the head sculpt is so near perfect (hey..nothing is 100% perfect in this word), I have decided to take more pictures of the head so everyone can enjoy it!
Dutch comes with the muscled body hence there will be lesser articulation waist up as compared to the regular True Type body. Hot Toys has also included instructions to warn us not too overdo certain poses with this new body as the "skin" might tear. I personally found it hard to do certain poses as I tried not to over stress the figure. Maybe at the back of my mind I am afraid of damaging it.
As expected the outfit is great and fits the figure very well. I especially like the camouflage combat trousers.
Personally, I found the accessories a tad limited but this is expected as Dutch did not carry much in the movie...(maybe the self made bow and arrow would have been nice). However I appreciate that Hot Toys has given us a cigar holding hand plus cigar!
Overall, a near perfect figure (99.9999%). Hot Toys can do no wrong at the would be nice if they could lower the price (LOL dream on!)

The packaging is nice but why the landscape
view when the title is not??
The sleeve

Off with the sleeve

Being unlucky, my Dutch was damaged at the neck.
Luckily, it can't be seen when you straighten his face..:(

Simply amazing sculpt!!

Dutch as seen at the start of the mission

After the assault of the guerrilla's HQ,
Dutch took off his brown jacket. I personally
like this version because he was
without his jacket in most of the movie.

His cigar-holding hand!

The accessories

Those who follow my blog will know what Snake Eyes
had to go through!


The Rebel said...

Nice review man!

Its a pity the neck is damaged. Can't u get a replacement or somthin? I had an experience with my Tomb Raider (Sideshow) several months back, but they were courteous enough to ask me whether I'd like to arrange for a replacement or not. Tho I didn't take up the offer, it;s nice to know that they are customer-friendly. :)

LEon said...

Nice review. Can you dress him to be T-800? :P

desmond said...

Adrian, if the neck is already damaged when you got that, i guess the shop will be glad to change for you..

Little Plastic Man said...

Rebel & Des - I think the shop will change for me but too lazy to go down. Anyway the tear can't be seen when displayed so I am ok with it...LOL
Leon - I guess u can but the face got camo leh...unless the T-800 is a jungle version...LOL

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Sorry to hear that the neck section of this toy was damaged. It's really a nice piece. Just like you, the first Predator movie is top-notch. Laser pointer aiming and infrared red scan. These ideas are so cool in the 80s.


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