Friday, April 1, 2011

Hi my name is Adrian

I am starting my A to Z challenge by introducing myself.
I realised that ever since I started this blog, I have not really given a proper introduction.

A is for Adrian...that's my name.
I am 35 years old and married with a son.
I live on a sunny island called Singapore.
I love collecting toys and displaying them.
To me, every toy is a piece of art and displaying them give them full justice. Blogging about the toys has led me to get to know like-minded people and get to see their wonderful toy collections.
It has also allowed me to share my passion in toy collecting.
I also love to do paper craft as I get to create new characters and share it with everyone!

Enough about me. I promise the next post will be about toys!


Mary Vaughn said...

Great way to introduce yourself.
Look forward to reading about toys.


Anonymous said...

Hi from a fellow A to Z person!

Julia Smith said...

*waving hi*

My husband collects Batman figures and other pop culture collectibles, like our Mo's Tavern alarm clock. (What - you mean you don't have one?) We even have a Batphone!

A Piece of My Mind

kathy stemke said...

Hello Adrian. Is that liverpool, England? My mom was a warbrid from Birkenhead.

The Rebel said...

Cool idea. Can't wait fr the next installment of this segment! hehe...

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

Hi Adrian; my name is Alex ;p LOLz

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Hi Adrian-
I'm Colin, from St. Louis, MO
I'll be 39 in May, and have been doing this only six months, but really love it. I'm not married, no children, but have 2 bands, one I've been in for almost 25 yrs. I'm a fine artist/painter, and work for a custom picture framing company. I look forward to the A-Z you'll be showing!

Little Plastic Man said...

Hi Everybody!!
It's great to meet everyone!
@ Alex - Nice to meet you...again!...LOL


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