Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Shy Boy

T is for T-Boy

T-Boy is designed by Shin Tanaka.
Shin Tanaka is a master of the paper arts.
His paper design has a strong graffiti element.
He first started off creating life sized paper versions of his favourite sneakers because he could not afford them. This caught the attention of the shoe companies he was imitating...well the rest is history.

One of his more popular paper designs is T-Boy.
T-Boy is a shy and curious character and pulls his T-shirt over his head when he becomes shy.

I was excited when I heard that Shin Tanaka will be converting his paper design, T-Boy, into vinyl form.
I am glad that I have finally gotten my hands on it.

I have always loved the design of T-Boy since I first saw it in paper form.
Now I have the vinyl version. Hahaha!
I love the fact that Shin Tanaka, a paper artist, was able to bring his paper design into vinyl.
I can only wish that one day, my paper design can also follow in his footsteps.
I can only dream...LOL

The design of the packaging is cool.
You can see elements of his papercraft background!

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LEon said...

this is the first time I heard and see this toy. Thanks for the introduction. I am pretty sure if you follow your dream hard enough, you will get there. Don't stop dreaming.

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Leon!

Jcee said...

Wow haha that looks sooo coool! I am really starting to like these vinyl designer toys...looking to pick up several of the small vinyl figures when I get a chance.

Little Plastic Man said...

Same here Jcee...I love the vinyl designer toys...once you start you cant stop...LOL

Calvin Felsted said...

I can't believe this was once made out of paper!

Little Plastic Man said...

That's why he is the paper master!


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