Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not exactly King Kong

K is for King Ken.

King Ken is designed by James Jarvis.
James is a British illustrator and toy designer, a pioneer of the soft vinyl designer toy revolution.
He started off as a designer for the fashion company Silas and later set up his own company, Amos Toys.

This particular series of mini King Ken (series 2) is produced by STRANGEco.
King Ken comes in five fresh colors: black, pink, brown, luminous yellow/green and jailhouse stripes.
There is also a chase figure.
The figures come in blind-boxes so you do not know what you are getting.

I managed to get my hands on the pink and black King Ken.
This is one very good design and the more I look at it the more I like it.
I love the facial expression on him.
This is one design that looks very good when displayed!

I may just get the whole series!
I got my King Ken at Play Imaginative (Singapore).

King Ken

Black Version

Pink Version

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Tara Tyler said...

you funny. wanted to read about you but I couldn't see how?
Happy K Day!

Little Plastic Man said...

@ Tara - Thanks for dropping by. Happy K Day! There is nothing much to read about me...:P

Tom Freak said...

I have the chase Ken. Is a King Ken with his tongue sticking out, a shirt that says "I love metal" and he's throwing up horns! Aweomse!

chrismandesign said...

the complete view of this pair of gorillas is kinda savage/cute... r those figures that old ???

Little Plastic Man said...

Hey Tom...I think your chase figure is from series 1. Series 2 is King Ken doing a peace sign and wearing an Obama t-shirt look alike...I think.

Little Plastic Man said...

Dont think so chrismandesign...just saw them at the store not so long ago.

LEon said...

The pink King Ken look so funny. LOL

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes is quite a cool series!


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