Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Extinct but not forgotten

D is for Dinosaur.

And I am taking about the meaniest one of them all.
The Tyrannosaurus...or better known as the T-Rex.

I managed to get my hands on this big boy from the movie, The Lost World (Jurassic Park), many years ago.
If I am not wrong it was made by Kenner in 1997.

Even though this is a mass market toy, I find that the sculpting was very well done. There is texture to the skin which makes it look much more realistic.
The skin is also made of a rubbery material which adds on to the realism.
The paint ops is also clean and overall well done.
On top of that, it also enhances and improves the overall sculpt.

When I got this figure, the joints of the legs were already loose. Hence it it very difficult to make it stand.

I actually passed on this toy for my son to play with. However after taking photos of this figure for this review, I realised how good looking this T-Rex actually is. I decided to display it back into my display cabinet.

Talk about 2nd chance.

What are you looking at!!

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chrismandesign said...

it’s the first time i see a Kenner toy from that movie... actually very well manufactured & fairly detailed... talking bout 2nd chances, i’m an active supporter of reuse/relove toys =)... oh, & bout Barney... just burn that... plush... or at least let Rexy take good care of him XDDDDD

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes it is a nice toy.
I will let Rexy take care of Barney...LOL

LEon said...

This is a nice classic. How old is this?

Little Plastic Man said...

Hey Leon, it is around 14 years old

GigglesandGuns said...

The close up head shots are disturbing -- so very real looking (though I'm not quite that old honest).
Good chuckle from he cartoon.


Angela Felsted said...

Great dinosaur pictures!

neoconvoy said...

bro, wait for the revoltech version coming in Aug 2011.

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks GigglesandGuns & Angela!
@TED - Yah almost forgot about that one!

Q said...

I remember having this T-Rex toy back in the childhood. Really liked how the main body (apart from the limbs) was soft skinned. I used to wonder all the time whether the mouth has articulations so I often often attempted to close or open its mouth even more lol

Too bad it's no longer with me anymore; it probably got lost or given away during one of the several home moving while I was away overseas.

Little Plastic Man said...

Hi least you had fun with it...:)


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