Monday, April 25, 2011

A blue Ket

U is for Ugly Dolls.

I simply love Ugly Dolls. I had done a review on them not too long ago.
Series 3 is now out and I got my hands on a blue Ket.
Series 3 includes Babo's Bird, Kaiju Ice-Bat, Ket, Nandy Bear, Ninja Batty Shogun and Pointy Max. They are all available in 2 colors.
Another plus point is that they are not in blind packaging so you can pick and choose which ugly doll you like.

Series 3

When I first saw the new series, I fell in love with Ket.
I will most probably pick up more from Series 3.
I am aiming to get Nandy Bear and Pointy Max.

How do they keep on coming up with such simple but super cool designs!!


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