Monday, April 4, 2011

The power to Create!

C is for Create!

Papercraft gives me the ability to create my very own characters or interpret other characters my own way!
Every paper series I do is my pride and joy.
Even if no one likes them, they are still created by me and for that I am proud.

Of course some day I would love to have my own toy line in vinyl or plastic but till then paper will do!


Angry Birds


Mr Topus



I am currently taking part in the A to Z challenge and here are the entries so far:
A / B


iZombie said...

your work is like eggs on a 120 degree day... hot!
jeremy [iZombie]


Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks man!

stephen said...

I agree with Zombie. I love your paper man, they're the perfect past time for slow hours at the office (should I COULD be doing work...but these are MUCH more fun!).

I think a vinyl/plastic wave of these would be amazing. I'd totally buy some MOTU/DC ones. And c'mon, if blammoids can make a go of it, i'm SURE these would sell!


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