Friday, August 9, 2013

Thinkway Collector's Edition Minions Dave

The Minions have been hot hot hot here in Singapore!
Even I have done 2 different blog posts on them, from McDonald's Happy Meal Minions to my own Minions paper creation.
However this is the minion I have been anticipating and wanting most.
The creme de la creme, the Mother of all Minions toys.
It is Thinkway Collector's Edition Minions Dave!

I have not seen these figures in Singapore and even if I have seen them, they were going at a whopping $180!
Luckily, I had a friend going to the States on business and I managed to convince him to help me bring this guy back. In the states it was selling for US$59.90.
Being a nice guy, he also agreed to help some of my colleagues buy. In the end he had to lug back 3 of these figures. Trust me these figures are not small in their packaging.

Thinkway is very good at electronic type of toys.
Their work on the Toy Story Signature Collection and Wreck it Ralph toys was very good. Hence I expected nothing less for this figure.
Thinkway also had another version of the minions produced (different sizes and functions) but this is supposed to be the most accurate version even coming with a certificate of authenticity.

I love the packaging.
With the see through packaging, you can see Dave clearly and it is impressive in size.
You also get to try out his electronic features. I don't really fancy this because who can resist not trying him out in the shopping centre and in the end damage the figure. But I understand the need to have it.
The orange background enhances the packaging.
Overall a visual treat.

The design of the Minion is simple so Thinkway had no problem capturing the likeness of it.
It is promoted to be a highly detailed deluxe film replica even coming with a certificate of authenticity so expectations are high. Overall good job.

I love the fact that they did not paint on the hair but sculpted it.

It is primarily an electronic toy, so there is some sort of underlying electronic skeleton which supports the electronic features. Think Terminator...yah same concept.
Covering the skeleton is a soft yellow rubbery skin. The lower part of the body is hard plastic, which is where the batteries and switch are found.

I love the jean overalls. It is made of real denim material which makes it so much more realistic.

I am pretty disappointed in the sculpting of the mouth. I thought it could be more detailed. I suspect it could be because of the soft rubbery material skin that make detailing difficult.
Another gripe is the painting. By promoting itself as the deluxe film replica, the paint ops is a disaster!
There are paint slop around the edge of the goggles and around the hair.

The electronic features are what makes the figure fun to play.
There are 3 ways to play with Dave.
1) Press Dave’s chin for voice and facial expression with moving head, and eyes!
2) Talk to him and he’ll respond! He even knows if you raised your voice. Basically he responds to any sound.
3) Quickly press Dave’s chin twice and Dave will sing a Minion song!

Overall Dave is a fun toy to play with. 
At S$180 it is not worth it. If you can get it at the US pricing, it is a must have if you are into the Minions.
A nice ending to my Minion collection and posts.
No more Minions posting I promise.

Check out the electronic features

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