Saturday, August 31, 2013

Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2013 Part 1 - Iron Man Madness

Since the start of STGCC in 2009, it has become a permanent fixture in most pop culture euthusiasts' annual calendar.
I have covered STGCC since it started in 2009 and this is now my 5th STGCC. Wow...amazing.

This time I went to the event by myself. I have been very busy with my work so I did not have time to arrange anything with the fellow bloggers. We just said that we will look out for one other at the event.
I managed to catch Desmond at the queue but once inside I did not see the rest...

On with my coverage of STGCC 2013

The design of the entrance is similar to 2012, only the color scheme has changed.

I was late this type round hence I missed the opportunity to go in early even though I had the media pass. In the end I had to queue together with the main public. We were ushered into the adjacent hall to queue, I was shocked with how long the line was. In the past STGCC, I don't remember having to queue to get in, hence my shock.
However it was not so bad as it was a fast moving line.
In the end, I think they abandoned the idea and they decided to let everyone in.
Anyway the hall was big enough.

For the Hot Toys exclusive Midas, people were already queuing since last night.
Hence the queue stretched way out of the convention hall.
Well all good things must wait I guess

The main attraction for me this time round was not from a particular company but a particular theme.
Yes...entering the hall you will be engulfed with Iron Man Madness!

Iron Man was everywhere!

Two main companies, Hot Toys and Play Imaginative,were out in full force with their displays of the different versions of Iron Man.

Hot Toys

There was a 1:1 scale Midas at the entrance of the Hot Toys booth.
I must say at this scale, it is pretty impressive.
Everyone was trying to get their photos taken with this bad boy.

Next to the 1:1 scale Midas is the 12" one. The one people sacrifice their sleep to queue a night before to get. I must say it looks good.

In the Hot Toys booth, there is an area just dedicated to Iron Man and all the different versions seen in the movie.

This is one cool diorama and Hot Toys is getting pretty good at doing it.

Too much Iron Man in one picture...LOL

Hot Toys also had 2 cool hologram displays and everyone was crowding around to see.
See the videos and you will understand how cool they are.
Check out my facebook video links here and here.

Further down, Hot Toys had another area where they displayed their 1:1 hall of armour.
This time round, Hot Toys has gone big...
A great place to take photos.

Play Imaginative

Hot toys is not the only company churning out Iron Man figures.
Play Imaginative is also riding the bandwagon with their super alloy series.
They had their 18" and 6" figures on showcase and I must say they look mighty impressive.

Their 18" range.

Tony Stark? Look again

I was pleasantly surprised by their 6" figures.
I think it could fill a market where you do not want to shell out so much $$ for Hot Toys 12" or their own 18" figures. These 6" might be an option at around $100.

I myself don't mind getting the Iron Monger when its out.

You can pre-order the 6" drones at their booth at STGCC

I must be getting old.
After I covered the Iron Man figures, I was almost drained and wanted to sleep...hahaha
However I pushed on and my journey continues...


desmond said...

Nice to see you bro..i feel bored after going in the hall..most booths display their Iron Man products..can they show something different?

Jcee said...

Hmmm the 6" Play Imaginative figures are interesting, at $100 each, it is a much more affordable line of Iron Man to collect than Hot Toys...and there's diecast! Mmmmmmm!

Little Plastic Man said...

@ des - great to see you too. Yar I am getting tired of Iron Man...
@jcee - yes...a good option

The Rebel said...

Thanks Adrian for the pics and coverage. Been wanting to attend STGCC since '10 but never really found the time....(old age makes me mind forget stuff ya know)LOL.

I'm pretty sold on the 6" too...any indication when we can start pre-ordering? Would they come with 'head sculpts too? I want a 6" Tony Stark head sculpt!!


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