Saturday, September 7, 2013

Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2013 Part 2 - Great Toy Companies

Finally have some time to continue with my coverage of the STGCC 2013.
In part 1, I talked about the extensive featuring of Iron Man. Some said there was too much Ironman while some said there was not enough.
In part 2, I will look at the bigger players in the 12 inch market like Hot Toys & Enterbay.

Hot Toys

Hot Toys was not only big on Iron Man in the convention. They also showcased their other licences.

The Avengers

The avengers line was a successful line for them as collectors tried to assemble the whole team for display.
Trying to get an Avengers now in the secondary market will be a very expensive exercise.

Hot Toys loves to do diorama and they are very good at it.
I love the last scene of the Avengers movie and I bet many of us do and Hot Toys did a diorama based on that. Simply awesome.

In the diorama, we see a new sculpt which is Dr Bruce Banner. I wonder will he be ever released?


Thor was a average movie but Hot Toys did an impressive diroama.
I was not really into the movie hence was not that excited about it.
Anyway it still looks cool.

Man of Steel

Even though the movie was not fantastic, the costume from the movie does grow on you.
The figures look bass ass and I am looking forward to getting my Man of Steel figure.

Adam West and Burt Ward (Batman & Robin)

Don't we just love nostalgia and these 2 figures bring us exactly that.
These 2 figures will fit in nicely with any Batman fan.

GI Joe


Dark Knight

It seems we might be getting The Bat after all but on a smaller scale.


The more I see this the more I want it.
Will see...will see.


The main attraction for Enterbay was their Micheal Jordan 12" figures.
Fans will continue to lap it up even though there might be QA issues with Enterbay figures.

There were others figures from Enterbay like The Dark Knight and Terminator but were overshadowed by Jordan.

Play Imaginative

This year, Play Imaginative was big on Iron Man.
However they did have their DC Super Alloy on display also.

Something from my childhood.
This is the 12" Old Master Q.
Brings me back to the days when I would read the comics...LOL


Before their Super Alloy, Play Imaginative was more known for their Trexi.
Here we have the life size oned which you can take photos with.
On display, they had their designer toys both new and old.

Even though my postings are STGCC 2013 journey continues...

Read part 1 here.


Jeremy [Retro] said...

i am going to keep this short... "WOW" thank you for the awesome coverage, i am so jealous!

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks I had fun covering it


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