Sunday, September 8, 2013

Disney / Pixar Monsters University Scare Students

Monsters U is the prequel to 2001's Monsters Inc, making the first time Pixar has made a prequel film.
The movie brings us back to the time when Mike and Sulley were scare majors and room mates in Monsters University.
The movie takes a look at the relationship between Mike and Sulley when they weren't necessarily the best of friends.

I love Pixar's movies and I have watched and enjoyed every single one of them.
However I do have to admit that I have not watched Monsters University and will most likely catch it on DVD once released.
Not watching the movie did not stop me from picking up some of the figures.
Bear in mind that these toys are for the mass market and meant purely for children, hence expectations are kept low.
I picked up familiar characters like Sulley and Mike and a new character Johnny J. Worthington III from the scare students series.
The scare students series have figures that are more articulated and no action features hence making them more attractive for adults collectors.

The packaging is simple but nice to look at.
You get a very good view of the figure while at the same time there is no space wastage.
It is also easy to take the figure out of the packaging.
At the back of the card, you get to see the other figures in the series. Funny thing is that not all figures are seen in stores (in Singapore)
I definitely would have wanted Randall.

In most stores, they only had the normal Sulley without the t-shirt.
I was determined to get the one with Sulley wearing his fraternity t-shirt because the normal Sulley looked pretty much the same as the Sulley I got from the movie Monsters Inc.
Luckily I managed to spot this guy in one shop and after that I did not see him anymore.

The sculpting of Sulley is at best average with limited details.
The painting however is pretty clean.
At this price point, I would consider it very good.
The articulation is limited with elbow, shoulder and head articulation.
Because the head and upper body is heavy, by raising the arms forward Sulley will topple over.

Again the sculpting is basic and lack details with very clean paint ops.
The articulation is limited with only the arms articulated.
You can't even put Mike's arms down making him very difficult to display with other figures.
Mike requires just too much personal space...

Johnny J. Worthington is a character I am unfamiliar with as this is a new character from the movie.
However this is my favourite figure.
I like the the expression and overall design of Johnny.
The sweater also adds some depth to the figure.
Even though his legs are small, they manage to hold the figure.
Again articulation is limited.

Overall, I bought these figures because I like Pixar's films.
The price point also made the decision easier.

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