Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Extension arm of Little Plastic Man's HQ

I have recently added another display shelf in my toy room.
Now I have more space to display my toys! :)

Updated pictures of "Little Plastic Man's HQ"

This is where I chill!

Where I display my 80s goodies

Now with the lights on


cosmicbaby said...

nice add-ons, what took u so long!? :)

Jcee said...

You sir, has an awesome collection!

I love the feeling of getting more display area though haha, it's like yay I can open/buy more stuff now hahaha!

desmond said... means more space more toys more display...haha..i love your MASK and centurions collection.

Little Plastic Man said...

@cosmicbaby - my contractor! LOL he tool almost a year to do for me.
@Jcee - right on!
@ des - Yes. The 80s shelf is my fav shelf now!

The Rebel said...

*speechless*....all that M.A.S.K. especially!

Andy said...

Hi Little Plastic Man, can intro the contractor who did your room's display cabinet?

Little Plastic Man said...

Andy. Drop me a mail at


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