Saturday, May 9, 2009

I want to win a Sideshow StormTrooper!

Thanks to Shaun from Testicular Fortitude and the good people at Sideshow Collectibles for giving us the opportunity to win a Stormtrooper 12-inch figure!
All we have to do is submit an entry on our favourite figure and will stand a chance to win a Stormtrooper 12-inch figure! The winner will be decided through on-line voting (details here) so please please (shamelessly....) vote for me!!

Enough is my entry!

My current favourite figure is Sideshow Snake Eyes.
When you love something, you will overlook the so-called "flaws" and only see the good stuff!
Yes! I have no complaints on the body used on Sideshow's Snake Eyes!
And please don't comment on his body in front of him...

Let me count the ways why Snake Eyes is my current FAV figure!
Snake Eyes packs a lot of punch!

He will make you look at him in a different light

He kicks ass!

And he will erase any doubts you have once you have him!

My Fav Figure Snake Eyes


Thomas Satcher said...

Just wanted to let you know that I posted up that custom Dusty I talked about when I reviewed the toy, go check him out and let me know what you think.

LEon said...

Bro nice snake eye. For the contest must it be a 12 inches sideshow toy?

Btw did snake eye strip that man naked?

Little Plastic Man said...

Great Thomas...will check it out!
Does not need to be Sideshow's figures...any figures will do. No Snake Eyes did not strip the man naked...the man wanted to show off his body hence is running around naked...LOL

Jcee said...

Oh man great post! I literally LOL when I saw Snake eye beating up a naked man hahahahha

Shaun said...

hey Adrian, voting starts now, via the poll at my blog. Good luck and really funny entry. Quite brutal.

Armand said...

Hey Adrian my man, good luck!

Shaun said...

Adrian, I need your input on the voting process, thanks: Please see my comment after cedric's, thanks


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