Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trophyless season...

Well...another trophyless season. However there are still positives from the 2008/2009 season! They are:
1) Excellent results against the top 3 teams
2) Push Man Utd all the way for the EPL title
3) Good goal difference and only lost 2 games.
Just need to work on turning those draws into wins! I am looking forward to the next season. Till then...I will go through my yearly EPL withdrawal syndrome.
Remember You'll Never Walk Alone...and yes I have updated my banner.


LEon said...

I feel you bro. It quite annoying to see some of my friends keep sing the "glory glory" song even tho I dun watch soccer. :P

Im sure Liverpool will have his turn soon.

Joshua said...

i agree completely with LEON, i may not watch soccer, nor support a particular team, but watching my friends who are MU fans going on hours on end about how fantastic Man utd is and how everyone else is wrong seriously irks me....

its about time Man utd take some serious lessons in humility.

Little Plastic Man said...

LOL...thanks for the support. If Liverpool really wins the EPL...I don't think I will have any humility too! LOL

LEon said...

At least no more glory glory songs.


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