Saturday, May 16, 2009

Micro Machines Action Fleet Rebel's Star Fighters

I am a big fan of the vehicles in the Star Wars universe but I definitely don't have the space to accommodate those that were made for the 3.75" Star Wars line.
Hence when Micro Machines made these in the late 90s, I had to pick up most of them. However for this post, I will be focusing on the Rebel's star fighters!

These are not in the normal scale usually done by Micro Machines but are much bigger. What I find cool about these vehicles is that they have opening cockpits in which you can fit the figure (comes with the vehicle) in. Even thought they are mass market toys and were made in the 90s, I find the sculpting pretty impressive and look great on display. If I am not wrong, Hasbro continued this toy line for the other episodes of Star Wars (Ep 1 to 3) too!
The paint ops is decent and is not really sloppy. What attracted these to me is basically the ability to fit figures into the cockpit! I am a sucker for such things (removal helmets on figures being another...:P)

The vehicles come with a stand and 2 figures. The Action Fleet series was not only made for Star Wars but also for Aliens and Predator.

Overall, they look great when displayed together! I also have the vehicles from the Empire (Ep 4 to 6), Republic (Ep 1 to 3) and Trade Federation (Ep 1 to 3) which I will post later.

Y Wing

Pilot and Droid

A Wing...the one that destroyed a Star Destroyer!

Nice that they gave us an A Wing pilot

Snow Speeder

Luke and his gunner

The Famous X Wing

Luke and R2D2

B Wing

Pity they did not give us a B Wing pilot unlike the A Wing

Group Shot!


Mario! said...

I still have a few of those at my parents' house. It was a really cool line, too bad they aren't making it any more.

desmond said...

X-wing is my favourite!!

LEon said...

I used to have a X-wing but i gave it to a nephew of mine. It was quite dusky and he wouldn't mind. LOL

Nice comic strip. LOL

SquirrelStampede said...

Great line of toys that still survives well on my top shelf! Need to get the Yavin Base someday to do 101 ways to die there.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yes, this Micro Machines Starwars vehicles sure are common sights at department stores many years back. A friend of mine even display them on his work desk. There should be land vehicles and micro Stormtroopers set too. They are very detail and fun to play with. Wonder did they make a Deathstar for these Micro Machines to dock?


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