Sunday, June 14, 2009

Who wants Sideswipe!

Was at Hougang Point's NTUC doing my weekly groceries shopping when I stumbled upon the Transformer's toys aisle. To my surprise, there were 4 Sideswipes on the pegs. Its is pretty difficult to find Sideswipe in the shopping centres in the city but here there were 4!
So hurry down to NTUC at Hougang Point for your Sideswipe (if you have not got yours yet).


Joshua said...

metro paragon has a couple too!

Little Plastic Man said...

Thats great to least everyone can get Sideswipe without having to pay more $$...:P

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Agree! There are savagers who sapo the popular toys and then sell them later at a height.

The Rebel said...

Cool! Collectors unite! That's the spirit guys!

I wish the same cld be said over here in M'sia...hehehe...tho I know a couple of guys who'd frequently SMS me every now n then to provide toy updates.... :)

Agree with Dennis.....scalpers/savagers are everywhr....kinda like a global disease I reckon!

Juliana said...

Sideswipes' been coming out in the revised waves of ROTF Deluxe toys.
It's Hasbro's way of countering scalping. If they keep this up, there will be enough of every character to last the next 1-2 months at least, and during the height of the ROTF hype! :)

These later waves of Sideswipes have better paint jobs on them, compared to the ones launched 2 weeks ago! :D

desmond said...

What?? NTUC brings in Transformer toys?? Surprising!!

The Rebel said...

"It's Hasbro's way of countering scalping"

Really? Countering scalping? Wow!!! Thats some news.......I've never heard bout it over in M'sia yet. Those which were snapped frm the shelves frm the launching day, sadly never got for some of those shopping malls department stores which purposely kept some (say the LC Prime) to cater for those who 'genuinely' want the figure for their collection, not for those pesky scalpers.

Shaun said...

Adrian, do u happen to stay in the North East?

LEon said...

I saw quite a number of it at Giant Vivo too! Anyway I made a vow not to feed the scalpers.

Little Plastic Man said...

Good to know that there are revised the scalpers are stuck with the extra figures...LOL
Des..The NTUC at my place is the NTUC Xtra which sells toys, electronics rather than just groceries.
Shaun - Yes..I am living in the North Buangkok


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