Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Claw!

I love days like these.

When I was doing my weekend toy shopping at CSC (China Square Central), I went into a shop and looked around like any other time. There was an extension at the corner of the shop (it acts like a little storeroom)and I went in to take a look.
Right at the corner, stood The Claw! Yes the machine in the Toy Story movie which house all the cute aliens!
The shop owner told me that it was a defect piece and the claw mechanism was not working. He told me I could have it for $5 and if I could fix it I had a great deal.

Damn! Even if I don't fix it I thought this was a cool display piece. I collect those Toy Story's aliens and they are so going into this!

When I went home to try it, the mechanism was working fine. The only problem was that the chain had broken off. When I have the time, I think it would be an easy fix.

For now,this will be the home for my collection of the Toy Story's aliens.

The chain had broken off


LEon said...

Wow I am envious. How big is this machine anyway? 5 bucks is really cheap

Little Plastic Man said...

Around 12". There is one more U-Toys...:)

Maverick Collecting said...

In the UK we have a much smaller version of this without the claw, just stuffed with about 5 or 6 of the little rubber aliens, it's available from Sainsbury's supermarkets and than 5 dollars - that's for sure!!

Nice find

Jcee said...

Wow what is the maker of this toy? I want one!

cosmicbaby said...

nice CATCH!

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Maverick and cosmicbaby!
Jcee - I think it is from Tomy(Takara Tomy).

chrismandesign said...

this is a great haul, for a tiny price, considering that is by Takara !!! it’s big also (12" would look fine among your HT figures LOL)... this is not available in my country and by order it would cost a lot more than US$ 5... yeah!!! it’s a lucky haul... =)

Jason said...

That is really cool, and you can't beat $5! The Aliens are my favorite characters from Toy Story, so this does peak my interest! The only Toy Story figure that I own is an Aliens whose eyes bulge out when you squeeze him(I got him for .10 cents at a yard sale). You sir, found an amazing deal!


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