Sunday, March 4, 2012

Toys Blog Review: Hot Toys Classic Predator

When Hot Toys was doing the Predator's movie series, they produced Dutch, Billy and Predator. I picked up Dutch but while considering whether to get Predator, I missed out the chance to get it.
The only way was to get it at absolutely ridiculously high prices in the secondary market.
Luckily in the movie "Predators", the classic Predator made its appearance and Hot Toys produced it together with the other characters in that movie.

As I don't have the Hot Toys original Predator as reference, I can't tell how different both Predators were. I can only assume that they are true to the movie they appeared in.
For me, this figure will represent the Predator from the first movie.

For all those familar with this line's packaging, it has the slip over sleeve with the red acetate window in which you can see the picture from the inner box.
The design of the inner box is also very nice.

The figure and its accessories are all placed nicely in their plastic trays. I love such packaging as it is neat and there are no twisties which might damage the figure. Also if you decide to put this figure back, it will look just like new!

I just love the sculpting here and togather with the great paint application, we have one bad ass Predator. The hair of the Predators is made out of a rubbery material and looks realistic. If they had gone with the plastic mould, I think it would have destroyed the sculpt.
I also love the fact that we can easily change from the closed mouth Predator to the open mouth version all thanks to a cool feature.
You can easily interchange the mandibles (they slot into the pegs easily) and viola! ...a different version!



This figure also comes with 2 masks. (damaged and undamaged)
The two masks fit tightly to the head because of new way Hot Toys have developed for them to stay in place. The masks already have the bottom jaws glued to it, hence by removing the mandibles and the chin from the face, you just need to marry the slots with the holes and the mask will fit perfectly.
Attach the plug with the wire to its backpack and you will get the light up feature (laser targeting) for the mask. It is really that simple!
Again with a simple feature, you have alternative versions of the Predator without having a new head sculpt. (saved cost means lower price)

The masks with the bottom jaws glued to it


Damaged...I see you!

Laser Targeting - The last thing you will see

On the right arm, there are the retractable blades.
The details on the blades and gauntlet are pretty amazing.
The blades are nice and shiny and are easily retractable.

On the left arm, we have the regular gaunlet which is seen in the movie where the Predator uses it to set off the time bomb. We get an alternative gaunlet with pre-made hole so that the two holographic projections (given with the figure) can easily be pushed in. There is also a light up feature which when switched on allows the holographic projections to glow in a ghostly blue light.

The regular gaunlet

The alternate gaunlet with light up feature turned on

Other accessories will be 3 pairs of hands and a base.
Once again the base is a beautiful piece but big. So if you have limited display space, this would most likely go into storage.
The base is made to mimic an area of the Super Predator camp and you get two skulls, a human and a T-Rex... :).
I must say the painting of the skulls is awesome!



Overall, I am pleased to add the most famous hunter to my collection.


LEon said...

I love the last photo joke. LOL

chrismandesign said...

WOW !!! this is a super great Predator figure !!!... now i understand why the original Predator figure (from the 1st movie) is overpriced nowadays... =O

deSMOnd said...

This figure is very nice..I am still considering to get it now :)


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