Sunday, March 3, 2013

The 80s was Power Xtreme!

Back again with more 80's vintage goodness are Centurions: Power Xtreme!
The Centurions are a team of men dressed in specially created exo-frames that allow them (upon shouting "Power Xtreme") to fuse with 'incredible' assault weapon systems, becoming what the show calls man and machine, Power Xtreme! The end result is a weapons platform somewhere between a hard-suit and a mecha.
The Centurions are based on an orbiting space station called Sky Vault where Crystal Kane uses a transporter to send the Centurions, and the requested weapon systems, to where they are needed. Crystal is always in the company of either Jake Rockwell's dog Shadow or Lucy the orang utan, or in most cases both.
The Centurions battled the cyborg Doc Terror, who seeked to conquer the Earth. He was assisted by Hacker, the cyborg sidekick and an army of Doom Drones.

The Centurions were another beloved cartoon and toys series in my childhood.The figures were far larger as compared to the smaller 3.75 inch figures from Star Wars and GI Joes and the 6 inch figures from He-Man. They came in almost at 9 inches and had more more gadgets.

Centurions was a toy line I loved but did not really collect when I was a child.
So fast forward to present, it is now time to make things right again.

Let us start with the baddies.

Doc Terror was the baddy in the cartoon.
He was a member of the group of scientists, who was expelled because of his intentions to replace all humans with machines. He fused half his body to a powerful computer system which he developed.
That was so 80's!

Hacker was the cyborg sidekick of Dr Terror.
He was a criminal who was running away from the police, after evading the cops, Hacker met Doc Terror who offered him money and power if he worked on his side, Hacker agreed and became the Doc's experiment of turning a human into a robot.

Now to the Centurions!
Originally there were three Centurions but later two other Centurions were added.
The 3 original centurions were specialised in Land, Sea and Air operations.

Max Ray was the Sea Operations Commander: The calm and collected de facto leader of the team, dons a green power suit. His weapon systems are best suited for underwater missions.
Max had 4 weapon systems,Cruiser, Tidal Blast, Sea Bat & Depth Charger.
Cruiser was the basic weapon system and came with the figure.

The Cruiser system is composed of a an underwater breathing apparatus and a means of propulsion in the form of two Hydro Thrusters capable of operating both in and out of water.
The system is armed with two repulsar weapons and a Hydro Missile

Ace McCloud is a member of The Centurions, and serves as the team's daring Air Operations Expert.
He wears the blue power suit and his weapon system are best suited for air operations.
Interestingly in the cartoon, he was a womanizer!
His weapon systems were Sky Knight, Orbital Interceptor & Skybolt

Sky Knight came with the figure.

Sky Knight is a light Assault Weapon System.
The system consists of a variable-winged backpack, two powerful thrusters, and a rotating, chest-mounted Laser Cannon Pod. Additional ordinance comes by way of two Stincel Missiles, and a Laser-Guided Bomb directed by a Duel Laser apparatus.
Unfortunately, my Sky Knight was missing the dual laser.

Jake Rockwell was the Land Operations Specialist:
Donning a yellow power suit, he has a short fuse.
His weapon systems have the most firepower and are best suited for land missions, except for a helicopter-themed system he uses in air combat, usually assisted by Ace.

His weapon systems were Fireforce, Wild Weasel, Hornet, Swingshot & Detonator.
Fireforce was the light Assault Weapon System and came with the figure.

Jake was my favourite Centurions as he was the only one I owned.
He was a gift from my sister. He also had the most weapon systems!


Fireforce composed primarily of a backpack with mounted sensor, and an extremely large Plasma Accelerator weapon capable of delivering destructive Plasma Shells over great range. Secondary armament comes in the form of a chest-mounted rotating Plasma Repulsar weapon, and a forearm-mounted twin Laser Cannon set.

Just like M.A.S.K, Centurions is another toyline I would love to recollect.
I have decided to get back all of Jack's weapon systems!


desmond said...

Did you buy all these figures from ebay? They all look very new..Very nice!! Max Ray and Hacker are my favourite characters :)

chrismandesign said...

yeah, i still remember this series and how the exo-armor-suits were sent to the Centurions with a system that was pretty much like the Star Trek Teleport... i have not seen these figures in my country and i think they were not available at the time of the TV series =/////... seriously is a great haul !!! =)

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes des I got the whole set incluing wild weasel from ebay. average around $50 per figure. not too bad.
Thanks chrismandesign...

desmond said...

Adrian, that is a good are very lucky indeed :)

LEon said...

Salute for getting back these toys again. Totally worth it


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