Sunday, April 7, 2013

I do like Designer Toys too.

Just wanted to show my designer toys collection.
They do not contribute to a big portion of my toy collection but I do like to pick up a few designers toys now and then when they catches my fancy.

I have a little nice corner in my Master Bedroom where I display them.

My Dunny display


Jcee said...

Nice collection!

There were quite a few designer toys that have caught my eye too, but I haven't picked up any yet. I already ran out of displaying room for my regular no room for these toys...sigh

Don said...

Cool collection there. Would you mind posting a better pic of those SW dudes you have in the frame? Thanks.

chrismandesign said...

i don’t have as much designer toys as you do, but my love for them is at least as big as yours !!! =)

LEon said...

nice collection bro!

Little Plastic Man said...

@Jcee - Thanks!
@Don - Haha those were micro machines star wars figures. I have replaced them with Labbits.
@chrismandesign - It is not the size of the collection, it is the feeling you derived from your collection.
@Leon - Thanks!


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