Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Countdown to STGCC 2012

Wow...just a few more days (3 more days to be exact) to STGCC 2012!
I am really glad that this time round I am going with my blogger buddies!
The last time we went together was at STGCC 2009! 3 years ago!
You can check out how great the past STGCC was. Past reviews of STGCC 2009 , STGCC 2010 & STGCC 2011.

Check out what is happening at STGCC 2012

Was surprise when I got a little gift from STGCC! Such a nice gesture.
Yeah free Gong Cha when I am there!
Tickets will be available for sale at the convention on 1 & 2 Sep, 8am to 7.30pm

Haha...remembered that I did a paper toy based on the revamp STGCC mascot in 2011!
The cute design is now with Alex from Toy Haven...the actual designer of the mascot!
Bet he is happy over at Toy Haven!

1 comment:

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Should endorse the paperdoll as one of the STGCC exclusive of the exclusives! It's STGCC manic!


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