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Mattle Masters of the Universe Classics Mer-Man, Roboto and Moss Man

I love my childhood.
I love the memories.
I love my toys.
I loved it when my dad bought me a He-Man toy every month after he got his pay check.
I loved it when everyone would buy me He-Man toys for Christmas presents upon my request!
How I miss those days... Now with the Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics line, I get back a little bit of those memories!
Up for review will be Mer-Man, Roboto and Moss Man.

The packaging is identical throughout this line so I would not delve into it.
The design of the packaging is totally different from the original, but it still retains the feel of the old packaging.
You can read my old review here with pictures of the packaging.

Mer-Man is a fish-man who controls sea life, often depicted as the ruler of Eternia's undersea kingdom. He is one of the main stay in Skeletor's evil team.
The sculpt of Mer-Man retains the feel of the original toy but taken to the next level with the details done by the Four Horsemen.
The sculpting and details on the armor, sword and trident are great making them look like they were craved out of real bones from some underwater creature.
The painting also helps to enhance the sculpt.

This figure also comes with an extra head sculpt which looks just like the old card art. That design never materialised until now. It was a real nice touch to create that design!

Head Sculpt as seen in the old card art.

Moss Man
Moss Man is a plant-based hero who can manipulate plant matter, causing flowers to grow but also causing tidal waves of moss and vegetation. Although invited to join the Masters of the Universe by He-Man, Moss Man chooses to retain his position as the guardian of Eternia's flora but agrees to help the Masters whenever he can.

The original toy came with a pine-like scent and textured fur-like moss. This figure also follows the fur-like moss but I am not too sure of the pine-like scent. I got this figure off ebay loose. When it came to me it had this funny medicated oil like smell which I guess the seller had put this figure in a display cabinet infused with this smell.
Maybe it was that pine-like scent...gone wrong...hmmmm.

This figure also comes with an extra head sculpt which looks very ape-like.
It actually looks pretty cool but I still like the old design.

The 2nd head sculpt

Roboto is the robot Master of the Universe. Roboto is seen as an unwanted and unskilled pest by Teela, the Captain of the Guards, until Roboto sacrifices himself to protect the Masters of the Universe. Man-At-Arms rebuilds him, and Roboto is finally accepted by Teela.
Roboto is the only character (especially released as his figure at the same time he debuts in the cartoon) to appear only once in the 80's cartoon because the cartoon was about to end when Mattel released his figure.

Like most of the designs from the Masters of the Universe Classics line, it is taken to the next level while retaining the feel and essence of the 80's figure.
Unfortunately for Roboto, it falls under the minority.
Yes it still looks good but it just looks more or less the same.
In the 80's toy, rotating the figure's waist causes gears in his torso to spin, as well as open and close his mouth. This action feature is taken out from this version.

Roboto has interchangeable attachments for his right arm, which included an axe, laser gun, claw and hand.

Interchangeable attachments

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chrismandesign said...

i didn’t know you were fan of MOTU!... i liked the TV series as well, but the stories seemed a bit childish compared with the Thundercats, at least for me... these figures have a lot of fans out there and they are indeed full of nice details and articulation, also they are colorful, Mattel did a great job here!... the only one i would collect is Orco, but is not available here and the price by order is kinda crazy... =)


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