Saturday, July 21, 2012

Manny Galan's Dookie-Poo

Dookie-Poo is a magical ground burrowing creature known technically as an "ELFCHIDNA." Dookie lives in POOVILLE but in his never-ending quest to become friends with the entire world he can be found anywhere, at any time! Dookie-Poo may have the IQ of topsoil but his big heart, boundless optimism, and innocent outlook on life makes him the most loyal and best friend anyone could ever want.
Recently went toy shopping at CSC and stumbled onto this Dookie-Figure. I thought he was pretty cool and brought him home.
I know what "Dookie" & "Poo" means but he just reminds me of a big chocolate bar!! Yummy!

The back shows the rest of the figures in the collection.


chrismandesign said...

nice piece of chocolate... i would like to see on eof those "glow in the dark" versions... =)

Little Plastic Man said...

I went back today but they were sold out....haha


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