Monday, August 20, 2012

Sideshow Commander Bacara

A clone is defined as a population of identical units, cells, or individuals that derive from the same ancestral line, hence according to that definition the clone trooper should be identical and we as toy collectors would most probably need 1 clone trooper in our collection...
Wrong! George Lucas had decided to individualise his clones with customised armour and different unit colours hence Sideshow is able to bring you around 10 phase II clone troopers!

I love the idea of individualising the clone troopers with different unit colours and insignia but I think my wify thinks otherwise.
"Aren't they all the same figures but with different colours!?!?"
My head agrees with her but my heart says "Duh...they are from different units!"

The new clone to join the ranks is Commander Bacara.
Commander Bacara also known as CC-1138 was a clone marshal commander who served in the Grand Army of the Republic. He was given command of the 21st Nova Corps, which was attached to the 4th Sector Army. Eventually he was selected to be part of the initial ARC training program under the command of Alpha-17; this program allowed for the training of future generations of clone commanders, and was focused on developing the individuality of the program's participants.
During this time he developed a reputation as a loner — this was due to his training in the culture of the Journeyman Protectors, as opposed to his clone brothers who had mostly been taught the ways of the Mandalorians. His loner reputation carried over into his career as a soldier, but it never stopped him from putting the needs of his troops ahead of his own.
Upon completion of his ARC training, he used his newly acquired knowledge to turn the Galactic Marines into a highly efficient ground unit, and the Marines eventually earned a reputation as ferocious fighters. Eventually he was assigned to Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi, and the two warriors developed a grudging respect for each other while fighting side-by-side through numerous campaigns. While stationed on Mygeeto, Bacara was given Order 66 by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and, along with his fellow Marines, gunned down Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi.

The packaging has remained the same throughout Sideshow's Star Wars line.
The box flips open and is held together by magnets. The figures and accessories are held nicely in plastic trays with no twistees.
This ensures that the figures can be taken out of packaging without destroying the box.
On all 4 sides of the box there is a picture of Bacara in a different pose. At the back of the box there are additional movie screen shots.

I guess sculpting of the clone armour is easier than sculpting an actual human face.
Since Sideshow has already churned out many different clone troopers, the sculpt here is very good. The extra weathering effect on the armour is also a nice touch to the overall figure.
Personally I like the overall armour design for Bacara.
Given in the movie, Bacara was stationed in the cold environment of Mygeeto and commanding the Galatic Marines (which follows the design of the Snowtroopers), it is fitting that his armour design has incorporated the design of the AT-AT commander helmet (Empire Strikes Back).

Notice that familiar shape...

The attempted weathering for his Kama Command Skirt is an area which I think was done badly.
It just seems that Bacara just sat on wet paint.

Bacara comes with 5 sets of interchangeable hands, 1 pair of interchangeable feet, 1 BlasTech DC-15A Long Range Blaster Rifle, 1 BlasTech DC-15S Blaster Carbine and 2 BlasTech DC-17 Pistols. Did they say 2 DC-17 Pistols? How come I only have one? I simply could not find the other pistol. Even the plastic tray only has the space for 1 pistol.
Unlike Commander Cody, Bacara does not come with a phase I helmet or a head sculpt of Bacara.
On the accessories side, Bacara is kinda on the lighter side.

The Mystery of the missing pistol.

Sideshow still has flaws in the loose joints of their figures and it is sometimes frustrating to make their figures pose the way you want. I am not a fan of using stands for my 12" figures but for Sideshow's troopers I make the exception!
Overall, I like this figure because I really like the design of Bacara. It is a nice addition to anyone's 12" clone army.

Commander Bacara!

Commander Bacara hit by a bout of guilty conscience!


desmond said...

Bro..sideshow only gives 1 short blaster..same like the one i bought..very detailed review!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Agreed that if as clone, they are different in their own way. In fact, many ways and variants! Nice review with background of Bacara.

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Des. Good thing mine is not faulty. But the packaginf says 2 blasters!
Many ways means more $$ to be made by the corporation!!! LOL

dedmond said...

Yes adrian..this is the first time sideshow did not give as what they said in the packaging..


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