Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hot Toys Little Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy

Hot Toys has picked up the licence to create the 12" figures for the movie Guardians of the Galaxy but will they follow through to create all the Guardians?
They have already released Star Lord and Gamora. Groot and Rocket look like they will be coming soon.
However there are rumblings that Drax will not see the light of day.
I don't think my wallet wants to and neither do I have the space to collect all the Guardians (even though it will look so cool when displayed together). But if you ask me if I only could have one Guardian, which one would I choose?
Not Star Lord, Not Gamora, Not Drax, Not Groot and Rocket. So who you might ask...
Little Groot of course!

This 1/4 scale Little Groot comes in a nice box with a full window so you can see the full figure inside.
The design of the box is also nice with great color.

We get 3 interchangeable head sculpts.
One with a open mouth smile, one with a close mouth smile and one with a little frown.
The sculpt is good with good paint job.
The body is also well sculpted with very good details.
There are no other accessories, just the 3 heads.

The body and arms are made of some rubbery material so the arms and body are movable so that you can recreate Little Groot’s dancing scene.
However, it is not advisable to overbend the arms and body.

Overall, a very cute figure to have even though it is not that cheap considering the lack of accessories, its size and articulation.

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