Saturday, March 29, 2008

Iron Man Movie Figures

Finally gotten my Iron Man figures from Toys R Us Paragon. I have also seen them at Taka, Toys R Us Vivo and Carrefour.

To my limited knowledge, Iron Monger is currently short packed. I guess he will continue to be the toughest to get because he is the only baddie in the series and we know everyone loves to have a baddie in their collection.

Mark 01 & 02 look limited too. Mark 03 and Iron Man prototype seem to be filling the pegs now.

I managed to get Iron Monger, Mark 01 and 02. I will eventually get Mark 03 due to it being the main amour for the movie. However I will take the risk and wait till I get it at a lower price at yahoo auction (hopefully)

Iron Monger

I love the Iron Monger simply because it's huge and of course it being the only villain in the series. However the issue I have with this is that it looks too plastic. He just does not look metal

Iron Man Mark 01

I don't know why but I just love the shape (boxy) of this figure. It reminds me of the good old days where I use to make robots out of boxes and stuff.
I like the paint here with the addition of rust on the chest, arms and legs.

Iron Man Mark 02

When I bought this I really like the colour plus the yellow detail on it's knees and hip. However when I got home and looked at the movie's picture. I realised that the colour is not movie accurate. He is suppose to be metallic! He would have looked so cool if he was movie accurate.

Overall, these figures look good and I was happy with them. I am also happy that they are in the 6" scale unlike the recent superheroes movies figures. They just look so out of place with the rest of the 6" scale figures.


Shaun said...

thanks for sharing pix Adrian, nice sequence at the end. :)

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks. BTW did u get any Iron Man figures? The 12 inch one looks quite cool.

Shaun said...

got the 12" one as a gift. its quite rubbish actually. should be taking pix this weekend. :)

adwin356 said...

Hey Thanks for sharing these nice pics.these are really too good and sequence of pics also amazing as movie...wanna watch it now then go ahead and start Downloading of Iron Man Movie for free from here.....

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks adwin356! Yeah the Iron Man movie rocks!


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