Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's been a tough week!

This week I was going to move to my new house hence there was a lot of packing! Unfortunately, due to the large amount of dust, I got a horrible eye infection (resulting in my left eye to swell beyond control!) and was hospitalised for 3 days. This caused me to miss the move. Thank goodness I had a capable wife who handled the move flawlessly!
Since I am much better now and will be getting my new computer next week, I should be starting to blog more soon.
I hope to blog about my new toy display plus many new toys I just purchased (DID Cpt Miller, Battle Damaged Iron Man etc)

It's been a tough week but it's good to be back!


desmond said...

Adrian, glad that you will be back to blogging and I look forward to view your new toy shelves. Take care :)

Mario! said...

Yikes, welcome back!

cosmicbaby said...

get a good vacuum cleaner & hire a part time maid!
imagine how your toys feels!

alex teo said...

ouch! sorry to hear about your eyes :( hope you have fully recovered... now, on to the toy display please Ha! Ha! but seriously, hope you are feeling much better ;p

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks guys for your well wishes!
Will post pics of my new shelves soon!

LEon said...

get well soon bro and I will be looking forward to your updates. :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Your wife will be so happy to see you praise her on your blog. Looking forward to see your new display shelve for toys!

Little Plastic Man said...

Leon - Thanks. Will update soon.
Dennis - Hee Hee...she never said anything...maybe she is happy inside...LOL


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