Monday, June 28, 2010

My Name is Forrest...Toms Forrest

It has been a while since I did a toy review.
I am glad that most of the unpacking of the new house is done and I have some time to do a toy review.
What better toy to review than the 12-inch Toms (Hanks) Forrest (Gump) action figure! I have always loved the movie and to have a 12 inch representation of Forrest Gump is a dream come true!

The packaging is very simple. Not much graphics as what you come to expect from DID, Hot Toys and Sideshow. However it does its job and showcase the figure pretty well.
When I got my hands on the figure, I noticed a tube of glue with it and wondered why would I need that. After I flipped the box over, my question was answered. You are supposed to fix your own Forrest Gump's bench.
Sadly, the instructions to assemble the bench are slightly wrong. In the movie, the back of the bench has 3 wooden planks while in the instruction manual, you are instructed to put 4 wooden planks.

3 planks as on the movie poster

4 planks on the instructions

I like the head sculpt here, even though it is not up to the standard of Hot Toys.
Well who is!
The painting is surprisingly good and you can see the effort to add texture to the skin.
The clothes are pretty well done but I do think the pants are a tad too big for the figure.
The colour of the suit is off, looking at the movie poster. It should be a tad lighter. However I can live with that.

What is great about this figure are the accessories. Getting the bench is already great! The rest of the accessories like the Forbes magazine (which features Forrest and Lt Dan with their successful scrimping company), ping pong bat and his red cap just add on to my happiness!

Overall, a great display piece which will set people talking about it!

Simple packaging

The instructions to fix the bench

Forrest attempting to fix the bench!

Halfway done. Remember...3 planks on the back...not 4


Forrest waiting for the bus. I love this pose!

Pretty good head sculpt with good paint ops

I feel the color of his suit should be lighter

Love his red cap

His Nikes and movie accurate socks.

The accessories...

The money shot.


LEon said...

Nice figure but the shoulder a bit weird. Maybe coat too big or shoulder too broad...

Little Plastic Man said...

Overall the suit is a bit big for the figure. But I still find this figure cool!

desmond said...

The accessories are well produced and I love the bench :)

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes...the accessories are the best part of this figure!


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