Monday, June 7, 2010

Update! Update!

It has been a very hectic month.
With all the unpacking to do, huge work volume and my son now starting to run around, I totally do not have time to breathe...let alone write posts for my blog.

However, don't worry. I am still buying toys and I am glad that I finally got my hands on Thinkway's Toy Story Collection Woody and Buzz. They look awesome and I think they look best if they are displayed in their packaging! Hopefully I have time to take photos and do a review on it.

Talking of photos, I still can't find my camera's battery and so have to rely on my Iphone...which takes pretty bad quality pictures...:(

In the same post, I would also like to update on my new toy display. Cleaning is a nightmare with all the mirrors and glass...LOL. However ,I am mighty pleased with it and have started to fill it up. Hopefully I can take better pictures soon.


LEon said...

Your display is getting nicer. Do take your time to fill it up and enjoy those moments.

saruman said...


saruman said...

the packaging of woody and Buzz are just like in the movie, u should keep them like that!

desmond said...

Envy bro...enjoy the moment when you unpack the cartons and start displaying those toys on the shelves :)

Joshua said...

hey adrian, where'd you get the thinkway buzz? sold in sg or you bought online??

Little Plastic Man said...

Leon - Thanks...I do enjoy filling the display up...:)
Saruman - Yes totally agree with you on leaving them in their packaging.
Des - Dont envy bro...your turn will come.:)
Joshua - They are sold in all major department stores here!...quick go get it!

Rafys78 said...

If not for the price tag, I would get Buzz & Woody too.


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