Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hot Toys MMS DX Joker Part 1

I consider myself lucky for not picking up the first Joker released by Hot Toys as I found that the head sculpt was not up to the standard of Hot Toys.
However, my heart still itched for the Joker (in original outfit) after picking up the bank robber Joker with a much improved head sculpt and my own kit based nurse Joker.
Thank goodness, Hot Toys answered my prayers and did one even better. They came out with the MMS DX Joker in original outfit (with a much, much better head sculpt) which also included the accessories and head for you to have the Joker in Gotham Police Officer's outfit. With that, I would have all the versions in which the Joker appeared in the movie!

I know I am somehow very late in reviewing this figure as I was in the process of moving house when I got him. Well better late than never...I say.

What a beauty! From the packaging to the actual figure!
I remember opening the box of this figure in the toy shop to check and a group of people started crowding around me. Boy! Were we all mystified and impressed by the beauty of this product.
The purple used in the inside of the box is so eye catching and regal. If I had $, I would have gotten 2 DX Jokers so I could keep one in mint condition. Simply amazing.

One of the key features of this Joker is the PERS eye system. It allows you to position the eyes anyway you like. This allows for more dramatic display.
In order to move the eyes, you would have to remove the back of the head which is held in place with a strong magnet. There is an instruction booklet that will give you more information on the PERS eye system.

Remove the back of the head and you will see the "joystick" which controls the eyes.

The head sculpt & painting for the Joker is simply amazing. There is seriously nothing really to fault here. I am so impressed by the sculpt that I could not stop taking close up photos of the face of the Joker.

Reading others' review on this figure, the quality of the clothes and material used are a major improvement to the first version. As I don't have the first version to compare with, I can't really comment. But looking at the fine tailoring, I cannot imagine anything better than that.

For your information, there is a missing button on the vest which was done on purpose to stay true to the movie.

In terms of accessories, you get a proper scale deck of cards, the switchblade knife, extra hands for multiple poses, gun with clip and the hand grenades (attached together by string) and the small safety pins (you are given 7 but you only need 6).
Ahhhh the hand grenades and safety pins... as you all know, this DX Joker allows you to pose him in the scene where he pulls his coat to reveal head grenades attached to the string trigger. But getting the pins and hand grenades onto his coat was a nightmare for me! I took almost 45 mins to do it. Luckily, I did not break anything. I am just not good at putting accessories onto 12" figures.

Another cool thing about this figure is the display stand. The base lights up using 2 blue LED's on either front corner, and you can adjust the lights to point in various directions. Seriously, they did not need to do that and we will still give this figure 5 out of 5!

Overall, this is a fine piece of art! Not only that, just by getting a narrow TrueType body and you are getting 2 Hot Toys figures for a mighty fine price. What a bargain.
I will be reviewing the Joker as Gotham Police Officer next so visit my blog soon.

Beautiful packaging.

Breath taking...

Missing button...dont worry as it is true to
the movie.

No pain no gain!

The display stand

The dreaded pins and hand grenades.

I just love the PERS eye system


LEon said...

Great post bro. This is really an awesome figure.

desmond said...

Great to read your detailed review :)

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks guys!


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