Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hot Toys MMS DX Joker Part 2 - Gotham Police Officer

I am back to complete the review of the MMS DX Joker.
With the DX Joker, we are given the accessories to get a complete new figure (if you cough out a TrueType body), in this case it is the Joker in Gotham Police Officer uniform.
Even though this version of the Joker did not get the most screen time, I found this version memorable as we get to see him without his make-up.

The outfit is on a plastic mannequin (without head), which I think was a good touch by Hot Toys as this maintains the shape of the Police uniform. The uniform consists of the jacket, pants, shirt, belt and tie. All beautifully made and fit the TrueType Slim Body perfectly. The overall feel of the uniform is great and this is one time I actually enjoyed putting on the uniform onto the TrueType Slim Body.
I have read other reviews that the collar of the shirt is too big, however for my case I think it is just nice.
Another worthy thing to note is the the belt and tie are working 12" versions of a real belt and tie.
The belt has a buckle that works and the tie can be tied like how we will tie our tie! Amazing.

Along with the full uniform, we get the rifle, hat, socks, shoes and the badge and ribbons (it will fit onto a little loop on his jacket). A minor grumble is that the hat is slightly big and the badge on it is slightly crooked.

Now to the head sculpt. Another wonderfully done sculpt. The details are amazing especially for the scarring on the mouth.
All great sculpt needs the support of a great paint ops to complete it. Here the painting is amazing and they even went down to the detail of adding the stubble.

To be able to get this version of the Joker and coming as part of DX Joker package is simply great. Together with the other versions of the Joker, they are a sight to behold when displayed.

All you need (excude body) to create the
Joker - Gotham Police Officer

Close up of the sculpt

All 4 versions of the Joker!


desmond said...

I personally think this headsculpt is much better than the one with PERS feature :)

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

Desmond : I'm with u on this one.

archaeology said...

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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

That's some Joker figures you have there bro!

Sackgirl said...

OWWW! It's fantastic! I love Joker and your Jokers! Specialy the nurse! <3!

Little Plastic Man said...

Des & Asrul- I still think the Joker with the PERS feature is more fun!
Archaeology, Dennis & Sackgirl - Yeah Jokers are cool!!


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