Saturday, January 29, 2011

1:72 scale M25 Tank Transporter "Dragon Wagon"

The M25 Tank Transporter also known as the Dragon Wagon was a United States heavy tank transporter and tank recovery vehicle used during World War 2.
It was designed to recover the M4 Medium Tank from the front line and could easily tow the tank or haul the entire tank up on the its trailer.
I have always loved the design of the Dragon Wagon and had had my eyes on this vehicle for a pretty long time.
It was because of the cost that stopped me from getting this. Funny thing is that, when I finally met a seller who was willing to give me a $5 discount, I jumped onto it. Was $5 really that big an amount to stop me from getting it in the past...the human brain (or my brain) is so hard to fathom...:)

Anyway back to the review. This Dragon Wagon is made by Forces of Valor and I have a few 1:72 scale tanks from them.
I have always liked Forces of Valor tanks because of their high metal content and they feel heavy when carried. However this is not the case here. The actual M25 is pretty light and I suspect majority of it is made of plastic. The trailer on the other hand is heavy with a much higher metal content.
The details are pretty good here and trust me there are quite a number of details on the Dragon Wagon.
For the painting, there is nothing much to talk about as the Dragon Wagon is primarily green in colour. Forces of Valor always tries to do some sort of weathering effect but they always fall short. This is still the case here.

Another good thing about Forces of Valor is that they always give us a little figure with the vehicle. I always love that!

Overall an interesting piece to add to my 1:72 scale tanks.

Sloppy painting

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Jcee said...

Looks sweet hauling the Sherman in the back!


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