Saturday, March 12, 2011

NECA Harry Potter Movie Figures

Being a wizard or witch must be pretty damn cool (unless you were living during the witches inquisition!)
Firstly, you get to go to Hogwarts and attend interesting classes like Transfiguration,Defence Against the Dark Arts,Flying and Potions. Rather than study Muggle's classes like accounting, marketing or Business law...
Secondly, the most famous sport among wizards and witches involved flying around on broomsticks, four balls (1 Quaffle, 2 Bludgers that can knock the living daylights out of you & a Golden Snitch) and six elevated ring-shaped goals!
Last but not least, you pretty much can do anything just by waving your wand and muttering some magic words.
Seriously, what's there not to like...

I am pretty satisfied with NECA's handling of the Harry Potter line and have always been on the look out to add to my collection of Harry Potter's wizards and witches.
To add on to my NECA Harry Potter collection, I managed to get my hands on:
1) Mad Eye Moody - Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince Series 1
2) Bellatrix Lestrange - Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix Series 3
3) Lucius Malfoy - Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix Series 3

NECA uses clamshell packaging for these figures. Clamshell package protects the figure very well and at the same shows off the figure. Perfect for MOC collectors.
However, getting the figure out of packaging is rather troublesome and at the same time dangerous. On a few occasions, I nearly cut my hands with the sharp edges while cutting open the packaging.
The design of the packaging is average, with a common design front for all figures in the series. The name of the character is pasted on the bubble.
The side of the package shows off the face of the figure while the back shows the full view of the figure and the other characters available in the series.

The quality of the sculpting ranges between the 3 characters. To me Lucius Malfoy has the best sculpting, followed by Mad Eye Moody and Bellatrix Lestrange.
NECA decided to use an almost white translucent material for Lucius hair. At first glance it looks pretty good but after a while it started to look weird.
Sculpting the crazy hair of Bellarix could have been a disaster, but I think NECA pulled that one off.
Overall, I think the sculpting has worsened as compared to the earlier Harry Potter offering done by NECA. However, the problems are only on the face, the sculpting of the robes/clothes is still done pretty well.

As you are pretty well aware, NECA does not make very articulated figures. All the 3 figures have limited articulation so don't expect much poses from them. Hell! Bellatrix does not even have any articulation in her shoulders so she is not putting down her hands anytime soon.

Accessories are very limited. Mad Eye Moody & Bellatrix come with their wands and...well thats about it while Lucius does better with his wand and an extra head with attached mask (the one he wears as a death eater).

Overall, I had to get the figures as I wanted all the major wizards and witches from the Harry Potter movies!

Mad Eye Moody

Bellatrix Lestrange

Lucius Malfoy

Magic Fight!


LEon said...

Actually 3 of them look good. Soon you will have completed your dead eater. LOL

desmond said...

Bro, though I seldom buy NECA figures, to me..they are pretty well sculpted and the over all paint job is okay :)

chrismandesign said...

no love for NECA figures here =/... i prefer by far McFarlane, but now that Todd decided to close his toy business... McF is my delirious !!! XD... oh, no love for Harry F*cker neither... i mean, Potter... how i could b so confused bout that ???

Little Plastic Man said...

Leon & Des - The figures are ok...not the best from NECA or from the Harry Potter series.
Chrismandesign - No love for NECA and Harry Potter...put them much really hate these toys!!...LOL


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