Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Takara Encore G1 Devastator

Devastator is the combination of the Constructicons.
The Constructicons are the Decepticons' foremost designers, engineers and builders. They are also the very first combining subgroup of Transformers. The individual members of the team are:

Scrapper, the leader, a modest but masterful designer - Front-load loader.
Bonecrusher - a destructive berserker - Bulldozer
Scavenger, who has some major self-esteem issues - Power Shovel
Mixmaster, a manic and somewhat crazed chemist - Cement Mixer.
Hook, a snobbishly perfectionist engineer - Crane.
Long Haul, a hard-working transporter who longs to be on the battlefield - Dump truck
To me, Devastator was the most well known of all the combiners.

As a kid, I was fascinated by the concept of the combiners and Constructicons was my favourite.
Due to limited resources, I never collected Transformers during my younger days.
Fast-forward to now with more resources, I am able to collect the G1 reissues.
I aways felt that the idea of reissues was a great marketing strategy.

There were many KO version of the Constructicons but I have resisted.
I always knew that a reissue will be done for the Constructicons and now I have it in my hands!

The packaging follows the classic G1 packaging but with the encore label to say that this is a reissue.
The words are in Japanese so I guess they were following the Japanese version.

The set comes with bio cards which looks great and a great addition to the set.

I never owned a Devastator before so I do not have anything to compare with however the reviews on the forums are saying it is not as good as the original in terms of color and plastic quality. Well I guess things are not made the way they were done in the past.
I really can't compare but I am just happy that I finally have my own Devastator after 27 odd years.

One issue I had was the combining of the Constructicons to Devastator. The joining at the legs was pretty loose especially for Scrapper (left leg).

There were also some issues with the Mixmaster in this set.
The Asia sourced versions as compared to the Japan sourced versions are missing the Mixmaster head. So do check when you collect your Devastator.

Hook – Upper Body

Long Haul – Lower Body

Scavenger – Right Arm

Bonecrusher– Left Arm

Scrapper (Leader) – Right Leg

Mixmaster – Left Leg

The Constructicons



desmond said...

Is the figure big??

chrismandesign said...

i remember these Combiners looked great in the TV series and i was amazed even with the sole idea of a mega transformer that was indeed formed by 5 or more individual transformers... but when it comes to the toys themselves, the result was always odd, specially the proportion... i’m pretty sure they’re a great design and toy engineering effort but if you ask me, only the individual bots are nice for me, not the megabot... =O

saukoon said...

Hi! Thanks for the great post. I'm from the same age group which Devastator has been my wish list of 20+ years until the Encore reissue

By the way could you post some pictures comparing both Bruticus and Devastator. Are the robots (esp vehicle mode) in the same scale?

Its a pity that I missed the Bruticus.. Now trying hard to find a place selling with "reasonable" price

Little Plastic Man said...

Around 8 to 9"...I think Des
Chris - Huh..the megabot looks so cool...LOL

Jcee said...

Devastator looks awesome in combined mode!

Little Plastic Man said...

I know Jcee


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