Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hot Toys DX Batman

I do not think that Michael Keaton made a good Bruce Wayne (come on! Bruce with curly locks!?!) but I think he made a good Batman!
He has a strong jaw and nice mouth which look very good when he dons the Batman's mask.
I have always liked the 1st movie's bat suit and I rate it as one of the best amongst all the bat suits.
The design is very simple as compared to the later Batman (Bale as Batman) movies but I think it suits the overall persona of how I see Batman.

I am glad that Hot Toys decided to do this version of Batman.
I did not pick up Batman from Batman Begins or Batman the Dark Knight but I knew that this version will be my first Batman from Hot Toys.

Hot Toys has made a name for itself for great packaging design but for this figure the design is very simple. On the front is the picture of Batman's head...well that's about it.
There are 3 layers in the packaging. The first layer holds the PVC transparency batman logo which will project the Bat-signal on the wall with a flashlight. The 2nd layer holds the figure and the last layer the accessories and base.
The yellow color used inside of the box is a nice contrast to the black.

Simple packaging design

1st layer

2nd layer

3rd layer

This is a DX figure hence it comes with the PERS eye system.
This system allows you to position the eyes anyway you like.
In order to move the eyes, you would have to remove the back of the head which is held in place with a strong magnet.
Unfortunately, the cover does not fit perfectly so you can see the line.

Eyes to the left

Eyes to the right

The obvious line

We don't get the full head sculpt of Keaton but we get the lower half. Keaton has a strong jaw and a nicely shaped mouth and I think Hot Toys managed to capture those in the sculpt. We get 3 different versions of the lower face. Close mouth, Open mouth and Wounded Open Mouth.
They are attached to the mask with a magnet.
Hot Toys painting is first class and for this figure it does not disappoint. The painting adds depth and details to the already awesome sculpt.

Mask without the lower half of the face. Notice the magnet

Attaching the lower half to the mask

Wounded Open Mouth

Closed Mouth

Open Mouth

In terms of accessories, you get the standard different hands and many bat gadgets.
The utility belt can be unbuckled and removed from the figure.
I thought majority of the bat gadgets given could be somehow attached to the belt but only the grapple gun and grapple hook can be attached.
I found the cape pretty hard to manage and could not pose it in the way as seen in the official pictures. I hope it is just me.


Batman's gadgets - I like the batarang!

Utility belt

Grapple Gun and Hook attached onto the belt

We get an extra item which is the PVC transparency batman logo which will project the Bat-signal on the wall with a flashlight. Okay it was fun for the first few minutes but I got bored of it pretty quick and now it is in about a short product life-cycle.

I kinda like the base with the big Batman logo. The contrast of the yellow and black is so nice.
Being a DX display stand, it has light-up features, Batman nameplate, movie logo and the DX series we really need it??

Overall a great figure which captures the Michael Keaton's Batman perfectly. It also displays very well with Hot Toys Superman, The Movie.


chrismandesign said...

yeah! the first Batman movies have a sort of mysticism and it was a true hit in the end of the 80’s but i still prefer the Christopher Nolan’s Batman... this is an extraordinary figure with great accessories i must say !!! i like specially the work on the cloak... =)

Little Plastic Man said...

Yes it is an amazing figure

desmond said...

Great and detailed review!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, nice review! I'm yet to add any hot toys stuff to my collection but I'm always impressed with what they produce. I've got a blog of my own toy collection but I must say mine seems pretty pitiful after seeing a couple of your posts :P looking forward to going through your archives!

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Joe for the kind comments.
However I think your blog is great!
Enjoy reading thru it. Cheers


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