Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dragon Private First Class "Cappy"

In my honest opinion, Saving Private Ryan is one of the best WW2 movies.
A pity that Hot Toys did not pick up this licence given they had a go at another war movie "Platoon".
However, DiD & Soldier Story have done some of the characters, namely Captain Miller and Private Daniel.
DiD & Soldier Story did not have the licence to produce figures for the movie but we all know that the inspiration for these figures came from it.
Now Dragon has joined the bandwagon and produced a whopping 6 figures, almost completing the team.
In terms of sculpting and accessories, Dragon's standard is not as good as DiD but it comes in at a cheaper price point.
I only picked up Private First Class "Cappy" which supposed to represent Vin Diesel as Private First Class Adrian Caparzo in the movie because I think Dragon managed to pull off a very commendable sculpt for this figure.

Nothing fanciful about the packaging. It has a sleeve cover which showcases the figure in front. At the back, it has more pictures highlighting the face and some of the accessories.
It also has a little write up of Private First Class "Cappy".
Removing the sleeve, you have the box that holds the figure. On the front, it showcases the silhoutte of the 6 figures released which represents the characters from the movie.
Opening the box, the left side holds the figures while the right holds the accessories.

The sculpt is pretty good. You can instantly recognise that this is Vin Diesel. Must be the big nose I guess.
There is also some texture to the skin which is the norm now from 12" toy companies. With the texture, it makes the sculpt ever more realistic.
Painting is also pretty good. It complements the good sculpt.

The accessories are pretty decent but not as much as DiD usually offer.
If you are a sucker for movie accuracy, the accessories are not fully what Private First Class Adrian Caparzo carries in the movie. If I am not wrong, a wire cutter and bayonet are missing.
Dragon made the service boots look like they are coated with gritty sand from the beach at the foot of the cliff, making him look like he just waded through the surf. I think it was a pretty good touch.

The bad part of this figure is the quality the accessories.
The small rings and hooks on some of the accessories tend to easily come off. The boots also tend to tear if you stretch it too much. So do handle it with care.

Full gear

Even though the price point for this figure is considered very cheap for a 12" figure in this current toy market, I am quite disappointed with the overall quality of the accessories. I expected a certain level of quality control.
Overall, a nice figure to have, to complement my DiD's Captain Miller and Private Daniel.

All geared up!

Director's cut. What you did not see in the movie

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