Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jack Rockwell's Weapon Systems

It all started with an innocent and kind gesture on the part of my friend to give me his box of old toys.
In there I found Jack Rockwell and his Fireforce weapon system intact and in good shape.
Jack Rockwell was my favourite and only Centurions back when I was a child.
Because of this one figure, many fond memories came rushing back and I started buying back the Centurions toys.
My first purchase was getting all the basic figures and I was lucky to get it all in one bulk purchase.
However I was still not satisfied. I wanted the Centurions toys that I could not have when I was a child.
And what was those toys you might ask...well it is all the weapon system of Jack Rockwell!

I am pleased to say mission accomplished and I am a HAPPY Man! ( i am excluding Swingshot because when it was launched I had already lost interest in the Centurions...)

Wild Weasel

Wild Weasel consists of a two-wheeled, stabilizer assisted drive mechanism that can be used in a vertical or horizontal position. It has 2 land lasers, directed by a turret-mounted target locator. The frontal armor is heavily enforced hence it is sometimes used as a mobile battering ram.

In vertical position, Wild Weasel looks extremely cool and reminds me of the light cycle in the movie Tron!


The Hornet is a stand out weapon system because Jack is a land operation specialist and yet he gets a helicopter as his weapon system.
The system composed of a helicopter backpack mechanism with an integrated protective canopy. At its side it has a set of 2 sonic thrusters and 2 landing skids...basically a human helicopter.
For weapons, the Hornet has a nose mounted laser gun , a rotating chest-mounted cannon and 4 sidewinder missiles...real heavy duty weapons.


My all time favourite weapon system is in Jack's arsenal.
The bad ass heavy duty Detonator!
It has chest-mounted tandem freeze ray blaster and two super big splicer missiles, mounted on a mobile artillery platform.
The heavy system is distributed and supported by 2 leg mounted stabilizer status.
In addition to all that firepower, there is still a set of sonic ray gun with a 360 degree swivel mounted at the top of Detonator.

It is not called Detonator for nothing!


desmond said...

Bro, i m glad you got all the weapon system for Jake..They are all in good condition and the figure looks very cool with the weapon system..great score!!

chrismandesign said...

i remember a friend of mine had one of this figures with one complete weapon system and it looked great and desirable !!!... this series was one of my favorites as well, the three weapon systems are simply incredible... few toys of that age have this level of awesomeness !!! =)

jimho said...

One super power armor. I am always amazed by their technology they carry around.


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