Saturday, September 20, 2014

Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2014 Part 1 - Hot Toys

It has been 13 days since STGCC 2015 has ended and I finally have time to post my experience.
Even since STGCC started, I always take the time to visit the event every year.
This year was slightly different.
I brought my wife along...was it a good idea?...hahaha.

My usual routine in the event was to walk two rounds.
The first round was to take as much photographs as possible.
After I have gotten my photos, the second round was meant to slowly absorb the atmosphere and look closely at the exhibits.
However with wife in tow, I could roughly only do 1 round plus as after 15 mins, she was bored, thirsty and tired...:(
I usually tend to spend during such events as you are overwhelmed and spoilt for choice with so many cool stuff but this time I could not spend freely as the CFO was around.
Seriously I can't blame my wife. If she brought me to a designers' shoes and handbags event, it would just take me 5 mins to be bored, hungry, thirsty, sleepy, distracted...well you get what I mean.
I would also stop her from buying ABSOLUTELY anything from the event...hahaha

Well one good thing about bringing my wife was that I got my photo taken at the Hot Toys booth!

Ok...since I am so late posting about the event, I am very sure you guys would have already seen all the event's photos posted by the other toy bloggers.
However this is the event through my lens so relax and enjoy!

Hot Toys is usually the main attraction of STGCC and it is the first thing you gravitate to.
They usually have a killer booth but this year it is slightly toned down but still cool.

"Back to the Future" - I am so looking forward to this.

Another licence I am pleased that Hot Toys is updating and improving on.

Maleficent was a figure I was planning to get but once I watched the movie, I can strike it off the list.
What other figures could I replace it with...hmmmmm.

Spiderman and friends. I must say I am pretty tempted by the Spiderman 2 figure.

Avengers still taking the centre stage of the booth.
In anticipation of the new movie, Age of Ultron.

Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

The Dark Knight.
Still a favourite amongst collectors.

Robocop, another licence Hot Toys is updating and improving.

The new kids on the block.
Guardians of the Galaxy. I wonder which figures would be the rare and expensive one.

Iron Man still going strong after so many years.
It does help when a movie gives you over 40 new suits to milk our wallets dry!

This looks freaking awesome and is certainly one of the focal point of the booth.
I have also heard many collectors planning to replicate this in their own home.
To all those planning to try, I salute you!

This is just the end of part 1, do stay tuned for more photos of the event!


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I got this feel you would be there with or without any media pass. Great to have a companion to share the enjoyment of the event...

Little Plastic Man said...

u are so right!


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