Monday, September 12, 2016

STGCC 2016 Hot Toys Part 1 has been 8 years since Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Convention started and I am glad and proud to say I have been to every one of them.
I know....I know...some of the figures (especially Hot Toys) on display may not be new as they have already been revealed in other cons and we have all seen pictures of them flooding the Internet.
However just being there, looking at those figures first hand while soaking up the atmosphere is a totally different experience...something you can't get just looking at the pictures on the Internet.

Every STGCC, I always look forward to the Hot Toys booth so I can see first hand all the new figures that have been revealed in the earlier cons.
Pity we could not get to see the Suicide Squad figures as they were not on display. If I am not wrong, they are being displayed at Hot Toys 100% Batman event in Japan, Tokyo (10th Sep to 25th Sep 2016).

Star Wars

Daredevil & Deadpool

Super Cool Avengers Diorama

Back to the Future 2...I am digging it

Batman Vs Superman & Aliens



LEon said...

Good to see your coverage of STGCC this year bro!

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Bro


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