Sunday, April 20, 2008

Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem Series 2

Managed to find the time today to open my NECA's AVP Requiem Predators (unmasked & masked) from their packaging today.
I did not manage to catch the movie so some of the accessories kind of left me wondering...
Predators using a whip which looks like an Alien's tail or the large backpack cleaner kit. (thank goodness our rifle cleaning kit is not that big!)

Well.....the 2 predators' sculpts are almost identical.
However there are 2 notable differences:
1) One is masked and the other unmasked (ok that was obvious)
2) The accessories

Accessories : Unmasked Predator / Masked Predator

Masked Predator comes with a large backpack cleaner kit,
battery pack & cannon which can be attached to his back

Unmasked Predator comes with a battery pack &
2 cannons which can be attached to his back

The 2 Predators side by side

Unmasked Predator

Masked Predator

The Macfarlane's Predator (based on the movie Predator 2) seems
darker than NECA's one.

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