Sunday, April 20, 2008

Speed Racer Mach 5

I had to decide whether to buy Hot Wheels's version of the Mach 5 based on the up coming Speed Racer movie or Jada Toys die cast version (1:24) which is based on the cartoon (I think).

Well I did not lose much sleep over it..
I of course bought the die cast version. Seriously, did you see the Mach 5 made by Hot Wheels...not worth $29.90 at all.
I managed to get the Mach 5 from Falcon Hanger for $35 which I think was way more value for money even though it was not based on the movie's design.

From what I can see from the movie's pictures, I think Jada's version looks similar to the one in the movie even though it is based on the cartoon.

I am actually considering buying Hot Wheels's 1:64 Speed Racer cars. They look kind of cool and I can get my hands on a cheap Racer X's race car.
Hmmmm they might look nice on my office's desk............................

Go Go Speed Racer!

More details on the dashboard would have been nice.

Who can resist the Mach 5!

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