Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paper Toys Iron Man and Hulk

Stumbled upon some websites which feature figures & items created out of paper. They were extremely creative and gorgeous! I was so inspired by it that I decided to try it out.
I decided to make Iron Man and Hulk as their movies are currently showing.
Well it's not that great as compared to what I have seen on the websites but at least I had fun making them..:P
I am currently in the process of making Domo. Other characters that I am considering doing are Batman, Superman & Hellboy. Well lets see how long this interest will last!


Tony Stark

Iron Man



Hopefully there will be more!


deSMOnd said...

Hey bro, keep up this good interest and make more characters. Nice esp the Hulk!!

Shaun said...

looks fun, Adrian.

Little Plastic Man said...


kenmoo2007 said...

woah...bro u got talent..keep it up..& btw thank for linking my blog, i've link urs in mine :) cheers

Little Plastic Man said...

Thanks Ken!

Jeppsen Family said...

do you have free template to print? this is cool.

Little Plastic Man said... template for this but some of my paper toys have templates.
Do check them out


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