Monday, September 29, 2008

Cobra H.I.S.S (High Speed Sentry) GI Joe

During my childhood, due to limited budget I could only collect He-Man & Star Wars. Hence I had to forgo great toy lines like Transformer, GI Joe, MASK etc.
Fast forward to today, thanks to smart marketeers in toy companies, they realised that these "deprived" children have all grown up and now have something they never had as a child. Yes! Purchasing Power!!. So they started to repackage old toys lines and selling them knowing that there will be a market for them.

I love GI Joe mainly because there are many different characters and each comes with a specialize skill. I love the "old school" card art and have dedicated a wall in my toy room to show off the lovely card art (GI Joe wall).

The Cobra H.I.S.S tank was one of my favourite vehicles growing up. I did not get the one which was released as part of the Target-exclusive "Attack on Cobra Island" wave of vehicles in 2008. This was because I wanted the black version which was the first H.I.S.S tank released in 1983.
The vehicle comes with a H.I.S.S commander (blue). Actually I would rather have the H.I.S.S driver (red) instead.

Action features of the tank:
1) The cannons on top of the tank can swivel and elevate
2) The canopy opens to fit the H.I.S.S commander
3) The Turret can hold 1 figure
4) At the back of the tank, there is a platform which can hold more figures (excuse to buy more cobra troopers!)
5) Simulated treads with free-rolling wheels underneath

I bought it mainly because it brings back memories. Damn those marketeers are good! :P

File Card

Front View

H.I.S.S commander

Carrying troops into battle!

Always dependable!


neoconvoy said...

this is cool...i am still contemplating if i should pick this up...if they had working tracks, i would not think so much..haha...did you pick up the red plane ? can't rem what it was called...

Little Plastic Man said...

If they had working tracks,it would have been perfect!
The red plane is called Firebat. I did not pick it up but after you reminded me I am now tempted...:P


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