Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yo Joe! More GI Joe!

Picked up more GI Joe figures at CSC last week.
A bit disappointed that these figures are not packaged in the 25th anniversary cards.
Do drop me a comment if you know whether these figures also come in the 25th anniversary cards. Thanks!
Would love to quickly include these figures onto my GI Joe wall but I still have to make more holders. As I am currently rather busy plus a bit lazy, I guess they will have to be contented on my table for a while.

Sgt Bazooka

Info on Sgt Bazooka
According to his file card, his name is Katzenbogen, David L. His military specialty is in Armor Defeating Weapons Systems and Tank Driver.
Bazooka was driving an Abrams tank in the 3rd Armored Division when he came to realization that a farmer armed with a $200 disposable rocket launcher could knock out a million dollar tank with less than 2 weeks training. He put in for a transfer immediately to train in Armor Defeating Weapons System.

G.I.Joe Hawk

Info on G.I.Joe Hawk
According to his file card, his name is Abernathy, Clayton M. His military specialty is in artillery.
Hawk was the original field commander of the GI Joe team before he got his General's star and was booted upstairs to honcho the entire GI Joe operation.
He was a West point graduate with many special education credits to his name. Besides being academic, he still managed to get the main body of his experience out where it counts - on the battlefield. He is one high flyer!


Info on Lt Torpedo
According to his file card, his name is Leialoha, Edward W. His military specialty is being a Navy SEAL.
Lt Torpodo was a scuba instructor prior to enlistment. He has black belts in 3 martial arts by age 19 (you would not want to make him angry!). He spends off-duty hours perfecting his fighting skills and marksmanship. Quite a boring guy I guess.


deSMOnd said...

Hey, where did you get these? Isn't from 2nd floor besides UTOYS?

Little Plastic Man said...

I got Sgt Bazooka from the stall outside UTOYS. I think the seller was Andrew. The other 2 figures were from a store at the corner, I think 1 shop away from UTOYS. BTW, do u collect GI Joe also?

Armand said...

Score dude!


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